Panther Pride

About Panther Pride

Panther Pride is a student-led program that helps introduce freshmen into high school. Pride leaders are a vital part of the Boulder High Community.

Our curriculum is rich and diverse, providing opportunities to practice and develop leadership skills. Good leaders need to practice the skills of leadership, and the course is designed to provide ample avenues for practice and application. The goal of the course is to ensure all Panther Pride leaders improve their skills as the year progresses.  


BVSD 360/Panther Pride is a year-long class that provides members authentic leadership experiences, requiring them to develop, practice, and reflect on skills that will prepare them for future leadership opportunities. Additionally, Panther Pride fosters a student's ability to contribute positively to the culture and climate of Boulder High School.

During fall semester class, Panther Pride leaders act as mentors and role models for the Boulder High School community with an emphasis on support and guidance for the freshman class. The major responsibility for Panther Pride leaders during the fall semester is facilitating Freshman Seminar. Freshman Seminar provides the venue for members to develop, practice, and hone their leadership skills. They are responsible for designing and implementing activities and projects that promote academic, social, and community success within the freshman class.  The relationships developed during the program strengthen the freshman class connection to Boulder High School.

Spring semester consists of Leadership Class that meets at least twice per month. Leadership Class allows leaders to continue impacting the Boulder High community and provides them the opportunity to reflect on their leadership, practice important leadership skills, and work in teams to create and execute a project that will enhance the Boulder High community.

Beyond their work with the freshman class, they provide a critical mass to promote and support community building throughout BHS. Their commitments include being school ambassadors for parents during Back to School Night, guiding tours for prospective freshmen and their families during BHS Showcase Night, leading and aiding freshmen during Cram Fest before their finals, and providing a consistent model for all BHS students to strive toward. In addition, they serve as ambassadors for Boulder High School to the community at large.

Syllabus and Application

Please review the Boulder High School Course Syllabus for Panther Pride before submitting your application.

Link to the 2020-21 Panther Pride Application.

Link to the 2020-21 Panther Pride Commissioner Application.

Panther Pride Coordinators


Nathan Hobbs

Nathan has been a BVSD 360 coordinator for the past 10 years and a lead coordinator for the past four. At the district level, he is part of the BVSD 360 leadership team and facilitates the district’s yearly teacher training. He is passionate about developing and mentoring student leaders, and believes they have the power to affect positive change in their school and community.


Alayna Vuylsteke

This is Alayna's second year working with the Boulder High Panther Pride leaders.